Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Home is where the Heart is...

Shabby days and Shabby ways...
My friend's birthday was coming up and I wanted to create a little shabby something...  being a girlie girl I thought a shabby heart would do the trick:

Gorgeously cut wooden heart, painted with a light pink and decorated with floral and spotty shabbi-ness made the gift complete.  Hand writing "Home is where the Heart is" was an effort in itself as my writing isnt the neatest in the world but it isn't that of a doctors either ;) so I gave it a bash.
All in all - hopefully I pulled it off this time...


  1. yep you have defos pulled it off a beautiful piece of "shabbyness" xx mumxx

  2. Brilliant, Bet your friend loves it. Love Sandra x

  3. Love shabby chic and this is fabulous.

    Have you heard we are never going to be trusted again! lol

    Have a great weekend. Love Lynne x

  4. you are kidding? Never to be trusted - well in that case if we arent to be trusted we may as well have some fun ;)