Friday, 19 November 2010

17 down, just 33 to go...

Home-made Christmas Cards, who's idea was that eh?
Think im going to have to buy some this year as i dont think there enough hours in the day to finish the full 50...

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Anything Goes Challenge

Hiya all,
It's been a while since I have been on to update my blog, which makes me sad but it's a busy time of year and things need to be done!

I have been asked to be a guest designer for the "Anything Goes Challenge" with the theme of: "Let it Snow"

So here is what I have: Created by Mind and Made by Hand - to decorate a bare Christmas Tree...

Hope you Like...

Lissy x

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

One day I will get round to it...

I am having one of those months where I feel there is no time and that whilst at work, the time is not going all that fast, I get home in an evening and WHOOOSSSSSH - time over - bed, followed by the: Zzzzzzzz and then it's work again?!

Anyway... I have finally finished the Birthday Calendar that someone asked me to make, it's OK but I'm not totally pleased with it like some of my other Little Lovelys, but to be honest its "tough" because I cant 'make' little lovelys in my sleep... although I am starting to dream about hammers, nails, wood and stamping - which is slightly annoying.  Ever so slightly annoying when your 'gorgeous' mum spoils you with the Tina Turner Greatest hits CD and you dream about  Tina singing "simply the best and I cant stand the rain" followed by her chasing me with a plank of wood and all I have to defend myself with is a "weed" - which I find "Simply Bizarre" NOT the "Best" at all!

I have called upon all I know to help with the finishing off of things before Christmas.  Poor Grandad has been tied to his saw and cutting machines to cut out shapes I NEED - as it is life threatening - for my Little Christmas Creations.  I have made a ton of presents and I feel I am now on top of "my own demand" and will hopefully be sorted in time for Christmas.

The only dilemma now is finding the time to make all the Christmas cards I need to make... ERGH... I am having to use my valuable work's Annual Leave to get it all finished!  I have coloured in sooooo much recently that I reckon my fingers are "copic sore" - Oh my days - I have Copic, Headache, Mind-MASH with all the numbers whizzing around my head... RV000, RV - this and that - G11 with G21 - Crikey me!  I think Joe is getting sick to death with the smell of copics and the sight of Magnolia's... the poor lad!

I must say, whoever laughed at me for starting this project back in September, next year I'll be starting earlier so you might as well get your laughing over and down with now!