Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Wedding is on count down...

The wedding is on count down so let the crafting begin...

Save the Dates are First.  Watch this space

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Please use the back door

My sister lives in a terrace house and wants people to start using the back door so people dont trample through her front room... beautiful cream carpets are being ruined by muddy foot prints so she asked me to make her a sign!  Hope she likes it!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Bingalow

After creating lots of crafted lovely's at Christmas for friends and family, I was asked to make a large heart sign with the words: "The Bingalow" on it.  My friend's, friends were moving into a bungalow in the new year and with their name being "Bing" - she wanted the play on words represented...
I did up date this further but didn't take a picture before passing it on... but you get the idea

Baby Taylor

Just a little "shabby lovely" to mark the birth of my friends beautiful baby boy - Taylor.  Born on 7th January - 1 day before my birthday - 2012.

Fairy Door

Attach me to your skirting board
as a doorway to another realm…
Let the fairies wander freely
from woodland growth into our realm

Promising to bring you light
Dance and love along their way
Safe from the scary woodland Gnome
in your home - they can stay...

Created with Love for my friend Natasha


For a Family of 3 at Christmas time...
Joe, Alicia and Linky